Approximate B.C Fruit Picking Dates

* These picking dates listed below are approximate and therefore could be off by several days. If you are unsure whether we are now carrying a certain fruit/vegetable at the moment, please Contact Us.
Strawberries1 June1 July
Raspberries1 July5 August
Cherries1 July15 August
Blueberries5 July10 September
Apricots10 July15 August
Peaches15 July15 September
Corn15 July15 October
Apples (early)15 July5 August
Garlic (Okanagan)20 July25 October
Tomatoes (B.C field)5 August15 October
Prunes/Plums10 August20 September
Pears20 August15 October
Apples (winter)1 SeptemberN/A
Cranberries25 September20 October